What is a Good Casino Bonus?

When you sign up to an online casino, you will be given a welcome bonus. These are used by the casinos to make their casino a more attractive option to sign up to, and to try and get more players through their virtual front doors. But if you have spent any time looking at different online casinos to sign up to, you will have seen just how many different kinds of bonuses there are available for example the 100 Free Chances on Captain Cooks Casino.

So to help you make a more informed decision as to what is a good casino bonus, and what is not, we have written this article to describe some of the most popular bonuses available, so you can get a better understanding of what each one gives you. Bonuses vary a lot, and it is always best you fully understand what you will be receiving, and what you are required to do to activate your bonus before you actually sign up to any casino site.

Match bonuses

A match bonus is one of the most, if not the most popular bonus you will see with any online casinos. These work by you having to deposit some money yourself into your new casino account, and then the casino will match it (up to a certain amount). So with this type of bonus you are required to spend some of your own money, but the casino will match this. One of the best match bonuses around is at Zodiac Casino where you only need to deposit $1 and you get $20 free.

Some casinos will offer you a match bonus up to your first 5 deposits at the casino. Not all of them will be a 100% match, but they will give you some back on the first five deposits you make. Here is a typical structure for a 5-tiered match bonus:

$1000 welcome bonus:

– 1st deposit – receive 100% up to $150
– 2nd deposit – receive 50% up to $200
– 3rd deposit – receive 25% up to $300
– 4th deposit – receive 50% up to $200
– 5th deposit – receive 100% up to $150

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is where you will receive money into your account when you sign up to a casino, and not have to deposit any of your own money in order to receive this. These no deposit bonuses are not as popular as they used to be, as they tend to be much lower than the tiered match bonuses. For example, and will be lucky to find a casino that offers anything as high as $50 no deposit bonus, most are around $10 to $20.

Free play bonus

A free play bonus is where you will be given a certain amount of casino money (usually $1000 to $2500), and you get a set amount of time (usually 60 minutes) to play this. You cannot keep any of the bonus money which is left after the 60 minutes is up, but you can keep any winnings you make with this money, up to a certain amount (usually $100).

There are some terms attached with most casinos that offer this type of bonus in order for you to claim any money that you do win while playing with the bonus money, but these are fairly easy to follow.